Testimonials posted on 1st Mar 2018

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"I haven't looked back since the day I took my 1st lesson in Core Pilates' extremely friendly studio 14 years ago. It has most certainly transformed my body which is much stronger, has greater flexibility with improved posture and my pelvic floor control has greatly increased. I have developed long, lean strong muscles and strong core muscles.Joanna runs an exceptionally well organised studio, with strong emphasis on correct technique and safety required for each pole move, Pilates and reformer moves, in order to prevent injuries.As soon as I walk through the studio doors, I know I am in expert hands of Joanna and her instructors, super enthusiastic to teach me and all the other eager students. I have learnt an ENORMOUS amount both in pole and Pilates, more than I ever imagined this body of mine could master. "Magic really does Happen" at Core Fusion Studios.
I have made so many truly beautiful friends, of which I am forever grateful.
"   Sylvia H

"I was very scared to start pole dancing but due to the experienced pole instructors I have been able to achieve wonderful results. I also chose to do Pilates as a combination for fitness and to assist me with my process. In 1 year I've been blown away!Thank you. I Love it. For someone who had no confidence, core fusion changed that for me. I go to class with a smile on my face, I've met so many different people, at different stages in their lives and somehow we are all a family! There is no judgement just encouragement." Simone L

"The instructors at Core Fusion are so encouraging and never make you feel like you're not doing it right. My instructor  loves the sheer movement of Pilates and you can tell she's not showing off when demonstrating a move. I quit a Yoga class because of that.....So I really enjoy my Pilates and I know that I can go at my pace and that's okay   Bronwyn A

"Even after 8 years I am excited by the Pilates classes run by Jo because I know I will experience or learn something new... I am yet to be bored by Core Pilates"  Emma

"I look forward to my Pilates reformer & Pole classes every week.  I have been doing Pilates for approx. 4 years  & really enjoy it. It has helped strengthen my pelvic floor & did not take long before I noticed a difference. They are excellent at ensuring the exercises are done correctly & that the correct muscles are engaged.  The classes sizes are great as it means the instructors are able to work with everyone.   I have recently taken up Pole & just moved into level 2.  All the instructors are excellent at assisting with the correct moves & the classes are run in such a way that if you are having difficulty they are able to give the time to stop & show you the correct technique in an encouraging way.  The staff are always friendly & courteous, there is always a smile to be seen & a laugh to be had.  Thank you ladies for all your help & I look forward to continuing with both Pilates and Pole to build my muscles & strength."  Tania P

"Absolutely love the pole dancing family at core fusion. Joanna and all the instructor's are very welcoming, nurturing and kind. A very safe and calming atmosphere where you feel extremely comfortable to learn at your own pace. I've been to a few studios and core fusion is the best by far! Thanks so much Joanna for giving me not only confidence and skill but a healthy body and mind set. Highly recommend this studio!" Janeene

"I love and highly recommend core fusions pole , it's a fun and friendly atmosphere where you don't have to worry about anyone being judged and you can be yourself , it's fun and encouraging and since doing pole I have toned up and felt better about myself , jo is a wonderful teacher who generally cares and her enthusiasm and friendliness will always make your night and pole so enjoyable! I definitely do not regret doing pole ! I always look forward to it every week its deffentley a 10/10 from me" Emily

"I have been taking a weekly class at Core Pilates for over 8 years & I love it.  The classes are always fun, varied & progressive with new exercises & variations.  I have improved my posture & no longer have constant lower back problems.   Pilates continues to help me strengthen weaknesses in my whole body caused by past sports injuries, daily tasks & office work.  Joanna has a vast knowledge of the muscles & body & ensures you carry out the exercises correctly.  Her interest & care of my body issues & the ability to find exercises to challenge my muscles & suit any limitations on the day is exceptional.  I  believe Pilates will enable me to continue to be upright & riding horses well into my 80's!  I recommend Pilates to everyone & would send them all to Joanna if she could fit them in!   Lisa M

"To say this studio is wonderful is an understatement. I have never felt so supported and cared for by a group of women before. Aside from the obvious benefits, my confidence and self worth has increased, as well as my strength and dedication. There is constant care and concern from Jo and the absolutely wonderful instructors at Core Fusion. The instructors are always engaging and cater to individual strengths and weaknesses, often pushing you to have more belief in yourself. I would be lost without Core Fusion, these women have helped me through plenty of tough times, without them realising it. It's a safe haven, away from any judgements. I can't recommend this studio enough!" Penny


Core Fusion has allowed me to fall in love with pole in so many different ways! Everyone is accepted and given personalised attention to achieve their goals and everyone's achievements are celebrated! I have gained so much knowledge, strength and confidence through attending regular classes, which are very well run and always a good time! Joanna is an inspiration to all and her limitless knowledge means you are always learning the best way to do all the best moves!I highly recommend Core Fusion for anyone interested in pole, whether you are just beginning your journey or whether you are an experienced poler! Core Fusion is the place to be!" Brooke

"I started at Core Pilates when my son was 9 months old. I felt such weakness in my back & stomach muscles since the pregnancy & birth so after a bit of research I decided Pilates would be the best exercise to help strengthen these muscles up. The teachers are so friendly & very involved with every class, from demonstrating each position to then walking around ensuring that everyone is performing each position correctly. The classes work for every age group & fitness level as she provides varied moves for each position so each individual is able  to work within their own abilities. I continued my classes through my second pregnancy until 37 weeks, & thanks to my improved core strength I recovered much quicker. In fact 1 week after the birth of my second son my stomach was smaller & tighter than 2 months after the birth of my first. I solely contribute this to my continued work with their  Pilates classes. They are so passionate about what they do and are there 100% to help you achieve the best you can out of every class."    Teneille