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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all your pole related questions here. If you are still unsure or need more information contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

What are the benefits of Pole dancing?

  • Pole dancing is a fantastic core, strength and toning workout! You’ll be lifting your own body weight, first just off the floor and eventually you’ll be upside down, building strength in your arms, shoulders, abs, back, glutes and legs… heck… it’s a full body workout!
  • A pole routine is an amazing cardio and stamina workout so be prepared to get your heart rate up in our warmups and dance routines
  • Your flexibility will improve with the leg and back extensions and range of movements we go through and working on your flexibility will also help with many pole moves. We do run specific full body stretch classes so check out our timetable
  • Pole gives you a confidence and inner strength that no other exercise does. We have seen so many of our students transform into sexy and confident women.

What do you do in a pole class?

  • Every class from beginners to advanced starts with a warm up and some conditioning exercises before revising spins and tricks learned the week before, learning new skills and then putting them together in a routine.
  • Our classes are a combination of Pole Fitness and Pole Dance to help you build strength and control, but also to work on co-ordination and the amazing feeling of flowing, spinning and flying around the pole

Why should I come to classes at Core Fusion Studios?

  • Forget impersonal gym-type classes...
  • Our super friendly, caring, instructors are all Pole Addicts and can’t wait to share their passion with you. We get to know YOU and attention is paid to each individual, with corrections, modifications and spotting when necessary but also variations to challenge those that are ready.
  • We understand each body is different and everyone learns in different ways and work with each student to ensure they are not only being challenged but are working safely and within their body’s capabilities.
  • Your safety is our priority
  • We believe it is important that a good pole instructor does not only have a good level of personal pole dancing experience and ability, but it is crucial they have a good understanding of the human body and anatomy to be able to teach safely and effectively.
  • Our instructors are well qualified and have many years of pole and teaching experience between them and are all trained how to explain, demonstrate and break down moves and also in spotting techniques.
  • We are there to encourage you, make you feel amazing and to help YOU achieve YOUR goals, challenging you when you’re ready but, just as importantly, letting you know when you’re not so you can keep poling for a long time to come.
  • In a pole class there is no judgement, just support and encouragement and lots of cheers, high fives and hugs for all the wins
  • All of our classes are a FULL one hour as our timetable allows for changeover between classes

I’ve trained at another Studio. How do I know which level to book into?

  • All studios teach slightly differently and may have different styles, progressions, names of moves and what is done in a particular level.
  • We offer a complimentary assessment to anyone moving from or supplementing their training at another studio. Contact us to arrange an assessment

What do I wear and do you dance in heels?

  • To begin you just need to feel comfortable and leggings or shorts and t-shirt are just fine. In a few weeks you will start to climb and sit on the pole and will need to wear shorts but as you progress through the levels you will find you need more skin contact on the pole
  • Most of our classes are done barefoot but we do occasionally run exotic classes and workshops where we love to put on a pair of high heels.