1. Physical and social distancing
• Class attendance is by booking only
• Class sizes are limited to comply with venue numbers and social distancing requirements
• Pilates mats and equipment will be BYO and placed to allow for a minimum of 4sqm per person.
• Poles are spaced 2m apart allowing for a minimum of 4sqm per person.
• Reception area to have markers and signs for social distancing
• Classes will have a gap of 20 minutes and clients asked to vacate promptly after their session
• Clients have been asked to arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to a class
   - the door will be locked until this time to allow for the previous class to exit

2. Hygiene
• Cleaning products used –  Antibacterial sprays & wipes & Aeris Active - Hospital-grade disinfection
• We will ensure  thorough  and  regular  cleaning  of  common  contact  surfaces,  ‘high  touch’  items  and  shared  amenities,  such  as  door handles,  taps,  EFTPOS  keypads and stair railings
• We encourage online and contactless cashless payments
• Cleaning will be completed often, both during and after classes
• Soap is supplied in all bathrooms and Hand sanitisers available at various locations
• Disposable Paper towels have been installed in bathrooms for hand drying
• We will have 20 minute breaks between all classes for cleaning and changeover time
• Clients will bring their own mats & bands
• Poles will be cleaned with Methylated spirits after each use

3. Staff training and education
• Staff have all completed the Australian COVID-19 infection control training
• Staff and students have all been advised on restrictions,  policies  and  procedures and any  new measures by email, social media, on our website and signage throughout the studio

4. Compliance
• I am aware that in addition to the legal obligations arising from the Emergency
Management Act 2005 and the Directions made under that Act, I must continue to comply
with relevant existing legislation and regulations, including WorkSafe legislation.

5. Response planning
• All Classes are by prior booking only and within set class times .
• Client attendance is recorded for every class
• Details are kept on record in the MindBody system for each client including, but not limited to,
  * Full name, contact details (phone, address, email, DOB) and emergency contact
  * All classes attended (date and time)
• If we become aware that someone with a case of COVID-19 has been on our premises, we will notify the state public health unit
• We will regularly review our COVID-19 risk management controls and safety and health issues, in consultation with staff  and  assess  and  decide  whether  any  changes  or  additional  control  measures are required.

 Prepared by Joanna Littlewood-Johnson May 14, 2020