Emma (Pilates)

Emma (Pilates) posted on 3rd Oct 2018

Meet Emma

Emma first fell into pilates to help her abdominal diastasis (separation)  from her two pregnancies and very quickly fell in love!

It showed her that not only is it great exercise but also teaches you so much about what good movement is, especially to carry on into your day to day life……. Pilates helps you live your best life through great movement.

It became apparent and, with  some gentle nudging from Joanna, that she should turn her passion into a job, so she ran away and joined the pilates circus and here she is now teaching at what she thinks is "one of the best studios in Perth."

Pilates has also helped her in her pole adventures hugely, going from terrible ground inverts  to now aerial inverts and shoulder mounting!! Not to mention being an integral part of her recovery from surgery to remove a brain tumour.

We are super excited to have Emma joining our team