Cat (Pilates)

Cat (Pilates) posted on 13th Sep 2021

Cat is  a strong believer that we ‘control our own destiny or someone else will.’

That ‘life is not about finding yourself..if is about creating yourself.’

She has  been a full time Police Officer since 1996. Life has been full of challenging, rewarding and deflated moments. Her positive outlook on life has kept her in the job yet her life outside is one that although has its challenges and rewards, it is her ‘happy place' , where she  can stop all the monkey chitter chatter in her mind and look after herself .

 Not being one to hit the pavement or the gym, Cat started yoga and pilates many moons ago.
She finds herself in a different place whist practising. There is no stress on her joints, or holding her  breathe and she can choose whether she wants to push myself or modify each stance/exercise.

Cat initially completed the Stott pilates training in 2014. Having spent a lot of time practising and teaching friends, she then undertook the Power Living 200 hour vinyasa teacher training in 2017.

Her love of teaching and passion to share her knowledge of yoga and pilates, led her to complete the Polestar mat and reformer teacher training course in early 2018.

Mid 2018, she combined her love of yoga and pilates with stand up paddling (SUP) and completed the ASI SUP yoga and instructor training!


We are super excited to have Cat at our studio and know you will love what she brings to her classes