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Pilates is so much more to us than just exercises. We want to create functional, safe movement, develop the deep intricate muscles that stabilize the joints and the spine and recruit the correct muscles for movement. We teach around the Pilates principles of Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow, Precision and Breathing.

All of this applies to our pole classes as well where, although we have loads of fun, we feel technique is crucial to safety and strength building and will help make your pole work ultimately easier and then we can safely do all the really cool fun tricks :)

Please also remember that we are mostly running group classes so, although we do attempt to cater to individuals, we don't always pick up on everything so we need your feedback too. Please be sure to communicate with us during your classes if you are unsure of anything, you need assistance or you feel you need exercises modified or clarified. Any feedback on classes, instructors or the studio is always welcome and will help us to make classes better for everyone.
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