Our Director, Joanna, is an internationally recognised & awarded Pole dancer, performer & Instructor.
POLE IS FUN! Pole will challenge you, make you feel confident, strong in body & mind & even a little sexy ;) All while giving you a
full body workout! You'll be amazed how quickly you are spinning & climbing while learning good technique right from the start.
Just getting your new addiction started! You'll learn correct grip techniques and some basic moves to start building your strength and help you feel confident lifting yourself off the floor and moving around the pole. We''ll put all you learn together in a fun dance routine. This class will work on a static pole
Pole Level 1 -Beginners
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You should now have an understanding of basic grips, and feel confident moving around and starting to climb the pole. So now we're going to put the pole on spin! We'll build on what you covered in beginners and add more grips, moves, climbs and combos. We'll put all you learn into a fun dance routine.
This class uses a spinning pole
Pole Level 2 -Beginner Spin (must have completed level 1)
Open to all pole dancers of an Advanced Level.
We will work on a variety of techniques, tricks and combinations each week in a workshop / pole jam styled class, from revisiting basic technique and covering 'old' moves, to new tricks, splits, flips, tumbles, elbow grips, static pole, spin combos, conditioning, lyrical combos, transitions and more .....
This is our highest level class and we are working on Advanced level combinations.
We offer modifications and variations to suit individuals but you need be sure you have very strong foundations.
If you are unsure if this is the right level for you, our Level 6 and 7 classes cover techniques to prepare you for this class.
Feel free to send though requests before the class if there is something in particular you would like to work on
Book a permanent place or casuals welcome. Bookings are Required
A multitude of Advanced skills, tricks and combos
You're starting to feel strong and confident now so be prepared to start getting up side down and add some trickier moves and spins to put together in your dance routine. Spinning poles for this class :)
Pole Level 3 - Intermediate 1
You're addicted now and feeling strong and confident so be now the fun inverts start and we add more challenging moves and spins into your dance routine.
Pole Level 4 - Intermediate 2 and
4/5 - intermediate 3 (must have completed level 4)
You'll be upside down alot more from here on in and with the strength and technique you've gained the combos will start to get longer and more involved and the routine starting to really challenge you.
Pole Level 5 - Prep Advanced 1 and
5/6 - Prep Advanced 2 (must have completed level 5)
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Start to learn the grips, spins and transitions to prepare you for our advanced class. Or, if you are an advanced toller his is a great class to really break down the harder moves and focus the techniques you need
Pole Level 6 & 7 - Advanced Techniques & Advanced
I wanted to do pole dancing was for a bit of fun with my coworkers. I was very scared to start pole dancing but due to the experienced pole instructors I have been able to achieve wonderful results. I also chose to do Pilates as a combination for fitness and to assist me with my process. In 1 year I've been blown away!Thank you. I Love it" Simone L