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Welcome to Core Pilates & Core Fusion Studios - Helping you find the Power Within
Through a regular Pilates program, you can expect to gain
*Core strength and stability *Body awareness *Balance within your Body *Flexibility *Muscle Tone and Strength *Improved Posture, *Functional Movement Patterns *Improved Sporting Performance *Strengthened Pelvic floor *Spinal Support and Mobility
and More......
With classes changing every week you will never get bored! PLUS you get the benefit of the Pilates method, working to improve your posture, alignment, core, strength, balance and movement patterns while we incorporate props (our 'toys') such as foam rollers, mini balls, magic circles, hand and ankle weights, resistance bands and fitballs.
With a maximum 16 per class and all equipment supplied, every effort is made to pay attention to each participant and their individual needs.
A fantastic workout and excellent for both rehabilitation, sports conditioning and anyone else wanting to work on this ingenious piece of equipment.
This super popular class incorporates the Pilates reformers and Wunda Chairs to challenge and improve your core, your strength, your alignment, stability and movement patterns using spring resistance
With a maximum of 9 participants Bookings are essential
Please bring your own towel and wear socks.
Core Pilates has been running since 2003 and offers a range of classes to suit YOU with our Professional , Qualified Instructors

We truly believe in the Pilates method to help bring your body into balance and to it's functional best, focusing on the principles of Breathing, Alignment, Centring, Precision, Concentration, Flowing Movement and Control.

Classes are varied each week with the use of 'toys' (small apparatus) and we give individual corrections and modifications to keep your Pilates workout fresh and interesting, to challenge your mind and body and to ensure you get the most out of our classes.
I haven't looked back since the day I took my 1st lesson with in Core Pilates' extremely friendly studio 13 years ago. It has most certainly transformed my body which is much stronger, has greater flexibility with improved posture and my pelvic floor control has greatly increased. I have developed long, lean strong muscles and strong core muscles. The mat classes are varied with different equipment used weekly for strengthening and stability work. I would not hesitate in recommending my friends to attend classes at Core Pilates . You will love it and benefit a HUGE amount too" Sylvia H
08 9398 4428
Bookings are essential.
 You must have completed a suitable Pilates beginners course or arrange an introductory session prior to the class
 to ensure you understand the basic Pilates concepts and principles

If you have an injury please chat with us to ascertain whether a group class is suitable for you.
Have you wanted to try Pilates but are not sure if matwork or reformer is the class for you?
Thursdays at 10:30am from August 3rd, our special 8 week Pilates introductory course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Pilates and start to build your core strength and body awareness to prepare you to join an open level class.
We will introduce you to both matwork and reformer Pilates during this time so you can see which you prefer or if you would like to continue with both class styles.
This course gives you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any modifications or variations to help you gain maximum benefit from your personal Pilates experience.
We will take a maximum of 8 people per class.

And Only $175!!!

Book online or through the Core Fusion Studios app or by emailing